Musk’s mom stopped him from dating The UFC president is counting the money

The richest man in the world, Tesla CEO Musk and the 10th richest list, Facebook parent company Meta CEO Zuckerberg on the Internet “about a fight” caused the whole network to watch, but also let the final fight championship (UFC) to see the business opportunity to block missed.

UFC President Dana White said the showdown between Musk and Zuckerberg “will be the biggest fight in the history of the world, higher than any previous contest.” Mindful of the unprecedented ratings, White has begun to set the price of watching the competition.

But Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, sent a message to Rutter announcing that she had unilaterally banned the competition. After that, whether Musk and Zuckerberg will still open the monk of the century is unknown.

On June 24, Meyer inherited the fire in Lath, only hit the spit battle, each of the three results, whose riddle is the most funny who wins, the support of the hands up.

On Friday, she and the two Lavins announced that she had unilaterally banned the fight between Musk and Zuckerberg, “I don’t tell them yet, but I will inherit the fight, just in case.” Musk himself recovered his face from tears and laughter under this article.

The two rich men have repeatedly openly confronted each other on topics such as the universe and AI. Musk has always been wary of the growth of AI, thinking that it will threaten human careers, while Zuckerberg is more optimistic.

In a Facebook Live broadcast in 2017, Zuckerberg said that he did not understand the AI advocates who have been preaching doom, thinking that relevant practices do not violate their obligations. Musk immediately attacked Lat, saying that he had discussed the achievements of AI with Zuckerberg and that “his knowledge of the topic is very limited.”

Since buying Lat, Musk has also repeatedly counterattacked Meta’s Instagram, WhatsApp and other applications. The confrontation between the two is precisely due to a new plan of Meta.

Us media reported earlier this month that Meta is preparing to launch Rut’s rival Threads and is currently serving celebrities such as celebrity host Oprah Winfrey as its first users. Like Rutter, Threads is a pen-and-ink medium, but users can automatically follow bloggers they already follow on Instagram.

This week, Musk in response to the matter in the Rutter, throat said that the earth will have no choice in the future, all under the control of Zuckerberg. One commenter joked that Musk was on guard because Zuckerberg had learned jiu-jitsu.

Musk later recovered: “I’m happy to go to the octagon cage fight, as long as he’s happy.” Octagon cage is the official title of the UFC’s decomposed fight cage.

Zuckerberg in the recovery of netizen message pick and, let Musk choose to fight. Musk restored the “Octagon Cage” in Las Vegas, which is an important city for UFC events.

But Musk also announced that he has a trick called “walrus,” which involves lying on top of an opponent and doing nothing. He also acknowledged that he was largely inactive and that his main activity was to hand over children and throw them in the air.

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Musk’s series of messages also let the outside world speculate that he and Zuckerberg about the fight is just a stubborn laugh. Mr Musk, who is bigger and fatter, turns 52 this month, while Mr Zuckerberg is 39. Zuckerberg is learning to break down fighting and won gold and silver MEDALS in two categories at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition in California last month.

According to Oddschecker, Zuckerberg’s probability of winning is as high as 83.3%, while Musk’s is only 25%.

Given the huge amount of money that the fight can bring, UFC President White is waiting for the two men to fight as planned.

White said in an interview with the media on Thursday that Zuckerberg first contacted him and asked Musk if he was serious about a fight. White then approached Musk, who replied, “I’m serious.”

White thinks the competition is likely to happen because Musk’s temperament is not easily compromised. White has already started the preliminary planning of the contest and set the free scale. While a regular UFC event costs $80 to watch on television, White plans to charge $100 for two grams.

The UFC’s last pay-for-play peak was a 2017 event (Mayweather vs. McGregor) that generated $600 million in payouts for the UFC. White guesses that Musk and Zuckerberg combined will spend three times as much as they did in 2017. He promised that if the two were serious, the contest would come true.


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